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Against the reactionary revision of Article 16 of the Constitution

Last Wednesday begun the Parliamentary debate on the revision of Article 16 of the Constitution that previsions the public nature of higher education. The new attack to the right of free education for all for the reactionary government of the monarch-fascist New Democracy with the aid of George Papandreou, PASOK's leader, is the most vicious attack in public education the last years and is joined with the attempt to cancel the Universities asylum.



Pan-hellenic initiative for article 16:

First victory for free public education - We continue the fight

What was considered impossible until a few days ago, finally happened. The revision of the constitution's article 16 cannot take place, without 180 votes in the parliament's assembly. The practical fall back of the leadership of PASOK (which the party of the opposition -"socialistic", and which actually still supports "private" universities) results from the strong pan-hellenic movement that disputes the market's dictatorship and defended public university with passion and sobriety. Against the alliance between the (right wing) government and the leadership of PASOK, against the libelography on behalf of a big part of the press, against the violence of the police, and the alliance of 1,000 people willing to support the government in its most difficult moment, not only did the movement remained upright, but also managed to unfold moch more beyond the academic community. More than 330 university faculties have been occupied, strikes of POSDEP, committees were organized all over Greece, sending the message that EDUCATION IS NOT A MERCHANDISE!

The pan-hellenic initiative for article 16 ( greets this first victory of the movement from the academic community and the people. But we should not rely on this. This is the beginning and the route is open!

Athens 02/02/07



Vicious police attacks against demonstrators with use of chemicals

See that "Rizospastis" (middle), the newspaper of so-called "Communist" Party of Greece, has no photos (not even in the inside pages) of the attacks while the majority of the Greek newspapers have



News 2006:

8.8.2006 Protests outside Israeli embassy

3.8.2006  New protests against attacks in Gaza and Lebanon

25.7.2006 New protests against attacks in Gaza and Lebanon

18.7.2006 New protests against attacks in Gaza and Lebanon

11.7.2006 Protest demonstrations against Israeli attacks in Gaza by "Intifada" Association in Athens

30.6.2006 1st day of the antiracist festival in Athens details...

16.6.2006 New students’ rallies and demonstrations

8.6.2006 Mass student protests. Unity of Students-Workers to stop the new attack to youth rights

>>> Solidarity messages from KPD, PCOF, Party of Labour Iran (Toufan) details...

1.5.2006 Mass protests of Greek workers - Long Live Red May First!

Day of solidarity of the international proletariat. Hands off Iran

27.4.2006 Organization for the Reconstruction of the CP of Greece (1918-55) protests Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Greece

1.1.2006 Communique of Communist Parties against the criminalization of communism details...


60 years from the foundation of the
Democratic Army

Long live the armed struggle of the heroic DA against the Anglo-American imperialists and the Greek monarch-fascists under the leadership of CP of Greece and NIKOS ZACHARIADIS.



International Antifascist and Anti-imperialist Youth Camp

July 28th – August 5th 2006

More info:

 (Next meeting will be held in Brazil)




The leaders of the "C"P of Greece defend and support the traitors of the Iraqi "C" P:

Iraqi Communist Party Central Committee

 Dear Comrades,

We condemn the assassination of Addul Aziz Jassim Hassan and Yass Khundhayer Haider and the criminal attack against the rally of your party in Al Thawara City.

 We, the Communist Party of Greece, as a political force that consistently campaigned against the dictatorial regime of Sadam Hussein, against the imperialist war and occupation of Iraq and the multi faced foreign interference aiming at the legalization and perpetuation of the occupation we express once again our full solidarity with all the progressive forces fighting against the occupation troups, in struggle to end the foreign occupation, for full restoring of the sovereignty and for the democratic and social rights of the working people of Iraq.

 Please convey to the members of your party as well as to the relatives our sorrow and condolences.

Responsible for the international section of the CP of Greece

Comrade Seref Aydin died

To: The Central Committee of TDKP

Dear comrades,

The announcement of death of comrade Seref Aydin, member of the CP of TDKP, caused big sadness and grief in the lines of the Greek communists. The death a exceptionally modest and polite but, at the same time, very appreciable companion, a reliable and firm rebel communist and international', as comrade Seref Aydin constitutes big loss not only for the TDKP and the revolutionary communistic movement of Turkey but also for the international communistic and working movement that is guided by Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin.

We express our deep condolences and fighting greetings

"Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55"






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Issue 1

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Secret documents reveal Stalin was poisoned

Pravda 29 December 2005

December 21 was the 126th birthday of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Historian and publicist Nikolay Dobryukha says the Kremlin archives contain documented evidence proving that Stalin was poisoned.


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